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We offer artifacts, films oral histories, interactive media and external listening posts that guide visitors through decades of history.



Visitors learn about the milestone events that shaped the civil rights climate over the years in the State of Florida and beyond.


Legacy Building

We offer memorabilia that reflects on the years since the tragic death and the historic reaction and continued impact of the legacy of the Moores.

Activities & Exhibitions

The Moore Museum explores the history of the Moores through interactive exhibits, historic collections, dynamic speakers. In contrast to yesteryear's Civil Rights Movement, we also examines today's global civil and human rights issues.

Brenda Bolding Paintings Art

Special Exhibits

By examining the continued impact of the legacy of the Moores and events throughout the world, powerful testimonials from leaders and participants are collected and shared through narration and commemorative displays.


Collaborative Projects

This exhibit primarily covers the Civil Rights Movement and massive voters registration drives with a focus on key events in the 1930's and 1940's.

Creative Arts

A combination of media projects commemorates the anniversaries of historic milestones in the lives of the Moores and their family, friends and colleagues.

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